Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Bofred is guided by their fine art background with their design philosophy is reflected in the linear shapes, colours and rich textures of natural hand-crafted materials they use to design, and locally produce, bespoke collections of furniture, lighting, and art.



The Invisible Collection is the first combined platform to sell a curated selection of pieces by the world’s most iconic interior designers previously made as one off pieces for their projects.

Now presented as a full collection of work from over 50 designers handmade by the most talented craftsmen, they offer a stunning variety of pieces.



Seemakrish is a San Francisco-based line of luxurious, artisanal textiles for interiors. Their fabrics are inspired by ancient textile crafts and created using traditional methods, including hand block print, embroidery, shibori and weaving. Their mission is to enhance the lives of the users and makers of their products. They design fabrics that are simple, beautiful and luxurious, as well as environmentally and socially conscious.



Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker are two French creators based in Paris. Their work is about giving a contemporary design to rare materials and savoir-faire. All pieces are handmade in small series by French master craftsmen. As designers, they get their inspiration from decorative arts and sculpture, to create pure-shaped forms revealing their materiality. With their background in interior design, they offer objects that meet all demands of modern interiors, with bespoke options according to architects and decorators needs.



Clay McLaurin and Todd Piercy founded Clay McLaurin Studio in 2013 on the belief that the environment we live in should be a reflection of our own life and experiences. Their personal discoveries and explorations are brought to life in their stunning collection of home textiles.

Clay, an artist, employs his skill by hand painting each design inspired by the natural world whether it be an object found on the coast of Maine of a textile technique learned while visiting Japan, to the tranquil hillsides of Spain. These experiences are layered together to create beautiful, carefully printed textiles that are both traditional and modern.



AVO was created in 2014 by Brit Kleinman, who brought her passion for materials and painting to life using leather as a canvas for her creative vision.

Brit recognised the one dimensional way in which leather is used in interiors, With a love for the versatility and behavioural qualities of leather. AVO has pushed the boundaries of how leather can be used within the home.

Design and development of bespoke leather is at the core of what we do. Forms and patterns are thoughtfully crafted in house with our dyeing done by hand. All stitch work is done with skilled artisans in New York City. With a small and dedicated team, AVO approaches each new design with a discerning eye and a passion for experimentation.



Lindstrom Rugs is a boutique, custom rug company that offers a curated selection of contemporary and transitional collections for both residential and commercial. With a focus on organic and timeless patterns, the rugs are designed primarily from the natural world, using flora, fauna, landscape and man-made objects as inspiration.

Lindstrom Rugs are either Hand-knotted or Hand-tufted and made to order, with a heavy, lustrous pile and uniquely rich colours that are produced at the highest quality for a lifetime of enjoyment.