With a focus on elegant design and high quality craftsmanship, Alice Lily Interiors offers a carefully curated selection of high end international interiors brands, exclusively brought to the UK.  Our deep passion for creativity and materiality has resulted in a collection of brands that tell a unique story and with strong brand identity.

The products themselves are largely produced by hand in ateliers around the world benefitting from the sensitive touch and mark making of the human hand and, as such, from the capability for adaptation and artistic flexibility for your projects.

Alice Talbot is a very dynamic and down to earth individual. She offers the unique quality of professionalism coupled with wrath and sincerity. This produces the best possible outcome for any project Alice is involved in, treating each project as a collaboration. With her years of industry experience on an international level, Alice offers sound knowledge and understanding along with ability to deliver a satisfying solution. It has been a pleasure working with Alice over the years and look forward to future collaborations.

Josip Balog, Market Manager , Vitra, Australia

Alice goes above and beyond the level of professionalism expected in our industry… but in addition to that, getting to work with someone so personable, energetic and passionate is a total joy.

Hannah Cecil Gurney, Director , de Gournay UK

Work with Alice immediately! You will be happy you got an unbelievable product and had such fun in the process. I have worked with her ordering de Gournay wall coverings and loved the paper and the process. She makes the experience of ordering and refining the world’s most dazzling ornamental scenic paper delightful- prompt, professional and fun. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe our professional experiences together.

Barry Williams, Director , Williams Design Inc, Texas USA